Phillip Ridlen

Phillip Ridlen

Hailing from Westminster, CO, Phillip discovered his passion for student ministry during high school.

With a deep commitment to nurturing young hearts, Phillip’s primary goal as the student ministry leader is to partner with parents in shaping the spiritual lives of their children. He envisions a vibrant student ministry where young hearts are transformed by God’s love and grace. He believes in equipping the next generation to become leaders of faith, impacting not only the church but also their schools, communities, and beyond.

Phillip met Caitlin in 2004 shortly after moving to Burleson. They have been married since 2011 and are an inseparable team in serving the students. They are blessed with three young children, Bennett (b. 2014), Hudson (b. 2016), and Legacy (b. 2019).

Outside of student ministry, Phillip finds joy in leading worship with the church band. Through music, he connects deeply with the youth, inspiring them to express their faith in God through songs and melodies.

If you’re a student seeking a place of belonging and growth, Phillip warmly invites you to join the student ministry at Burleson Bible Church. No matter where you are in life, you are welcome here as we learn to trust and walk with Christ together.

Pastor of Worship & Administration
Jaris Roth