Sermons by Charlie Bing

Sermons by Charlie Bing

When You Can’t See Jesus

Luke 24:13-35 We’ve all had the experience of searching for something we thought was lost only to find it was not lost after all. Maybe we were looking in the wrong place or our focus was on the wrong thing. Have you lost sight of Jesus lately? Perhaps you feel He’s given up on you or you feel you are living life alone. He’s not hiding; maybe you just need to know where to look. Charlie Bing’s message Sunday will…

God’s Iron Dome Of Grace

We see a lot about Israel in the news today. That tiny nation is surrounded by huge enemies who are determined to exterminate them. Will they succeed? What does the Bible show us about how God has dealt with the Jewish people in the past, what is He doing in the present, and does Israel have a future? Is there anything believers can learn from how God deals with Israel? Will God preserve Israel and will God preserve His people…

Have a Happy Life

Psalm 1 This Sunday we are honored to hear a message from Charlie Bing, the founder and director of GraceLife Ministries and founding pastor of BBC. Charlie will bring us a timely message from Psalm 1. As we begin 2023, what choices might we ought to consider if we are to live a happy life in harmony with God’s purposes for us? Join us as Charlie brings us a challenge that could greatly impact our new year.

Choose the Best Part

Luke 10:38-42 What would you do if Jesus dropped in for a surprise visit at your house? Maybe you will see yourself in this Bible story about two sisters who reacted differently when Jesus did just that. Can you tell the difference between what’s urgent and what’s important? This message will help you see and prioritize your choices.

Unwanted Grace

Have you found life’s challenges too big for you or do you ever say, “I can’t do that!”? Maybe you are right–you can’t. But that’s not the end of the story if God is in it. With God all things are possible. You will see why and how from several life and Bible stories when we talk about an aspect of grace often ignored.

How To Treat Your Pastor

Would you like to know how a pastor should be treated–from a former pastor? As we prepare for a new pastor, Charlie Bing will make some biblical and practical suggestions to help your pastors do what God and you have called them to do. You may be surprised by these insight from an insider.