Sermons on Other

Sermons on Other

Eye on the Prize

1 Corinthians 9:24-27 Life is a race we all run. The question followers of Jesus need to ask themselves each day is, “Am I running the race God set for me?” If we are not focused on running the race God set before us, we are still running, but we are running in vain. Thank God the race He set before us is not a sprint (I intentionally avoid running fast at my age), but a marathon. He has also…

Growing Together In Grace

An overview of the Book of Galatians This Sunday we have special guest, Grant Hawley, bringing a message from God’s Word to BBC. Grant is the senior pastor of Bold Grace Fellowship in Allen, TX, and also serves as the Executive Director of the Free Grace Alliance. Join us Sunday as he teaches from the book of Galatians about Growing Together in Grace.

Have a Happy Life

Psalm 1 This Sunday we are honored to hear a message from Charlie Bing, the founder and director of GraceLife Ministries and founding pastor of BBC. Charlie will bring us a timely message from Psalm 1. As we begin 2023, what choices might we ought to consider if we are to live a happy life in harmony with God’s purposes for us? Join us as Charlie brings us a challenge that could greatly impact our new year.

Jesus, The Gift That Keeps On Giving Pt. 2

Isaiah 9:6 This Sunday we’ll look again at Isaiah’s prophecy concerning Jesus, the coming Messiah. He not only would be called Wonderful Counselor and Mighty God, but Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace.

The Love Of God At Christmas

Luke 2:8-14  What am opportunity we have this Sunday to worship our Messiah on the day we celebrate His birth! Join us Christmas morning as we discover what the angels announced that first Christmas morning, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill towards men.”

Jesus: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Isaiah 9:6 I imagine that many of us will sit around the Christmas tree this year and open gifts from our family and friends. Oftentimes, the gifts we give and receive only bring joy and excitement for a time. Actually, some gifts may even be returned because we see no real value in them. Not so with Jesus, God’s gift to the world! When a person receives Jesus as a gift from God, they not only receive eternal life in Heaven, but they…

Gifts To Give Jesus At Christmas

Revelation 4:11 Every Christmas season people all over the country give gifts to their friends and loved ones. So much research, planning, time and money go into getting the perfect gift for those we love. But, isn’t Christmas Jesus’ birthday? Should we not consider what gifts Jesus might love to receive from us on His birthday? This Sunday, we will look at Revelation four and see three gifts that Jesus would love to receive from His followers.

Lest We Forget, Part 2

Deuteronomy 8 There is always a danger in our difficult times to remember how God has delivered us in the past. We must always recall those times and thank God for the ways He has rescued us. But there is also a danger when times are good to remember that God is the One who provides all we have and need. This week we will conclude this two-part series from Deuteronomy 8 and see how God wants us to respond…

Lest We Forget

Deuteronomy 8 Thankful? As we approach our national Thanksgiving Holiday, many of us are turning our thoughts to God in remembrance of all the great things He has done for us. In order to be thankful for things God has done for us, one has to stop and reflect on those past times when God showed Himself faithful. Stopping and reflecting though, is not something many of us take time to do in our fast paced lives. For the next two Sundays, we…

Life-Impacting Prayer

Colossians 1:3-14 This week we have the privilege of having Paul Rushing return to BBC. Paul and Cindy Rushing are our first home-grown missionaries. After serving in Turkey for ten years, they now work in Richardson, TX, helping mobilize individuals for long term missions. Join us as he challenges us with a message from God’s Word about life-impacting prayer and updating us on their ministry with Christar.

Jesus At The Center

We welcome our special guest, Ed Underwood today at BBC. Ed Underwood was the former lead pastor of Church of the Open Door and now President of Recentered Group. Join us as we hear an encouraging message from God’s Word.

Passing The Baton

This Sunday we welcome a special guest, Cody Hughes. Cody will be sharing a message from Matthew 28:19-20  that will include a discipleship challenge and encouragement for the church regarding what God is doing among young adults as it relates to disciple-making.
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