Sermons from September 2022

Sermons from September 2022

Winning in Marriage

1 Peter 3:1-7 What is the key to a successful marriage? This may be the most asked question and researched subject in all of history! Why? Because, what seems to be true in most marriages today, generally speaking, is that husbands and wives live lonely, unfulfilled marital lives. The dreams of marital bliss that captured the imaginations of so many hopeful couples, within a few years of marriage, turn into nightmares of reality that marriage is hard, marriage is work,…

Life’s Not Fair

1 Peter 2:18-25 Life is not fair! Have you ever heard one of your children say this? Have you said this? Truth is, Life is not fair. But, we serve a God who knows and sees all of life’s injustices and gives us hope in the midst of life’s unfair circumstances.

Passing The Baton

This Sunday we welcome a special guest, Cody Hughes. Cody will be sharing a message from Matthew 28:19-20  that will include a discipleship challenge and encouragement for the church regarding what God is doing among young adults as it relates to disciple-making.

Choose the Best Part

Luke 10:38-42 What would you do if Jesus dropped in for a surprise visit at your house? Maybe you will see yourself in this Bible story about two sisters who reacted differently when Jesus did just that. Can you tell the difference between what’s urgent and what’s important? This message will help you see and prioritize your choices.