Sermons from April 2023

Sermons from April 2023

The Heart of God – God of Grace

Grace. It’s a word that gets used quite a bit around Burleson Bible Church. You could even say it’s a theme throughout our church, and rightfully so. Because God’s grace is so amazing, it influences everything we are and everything we do, as it should.  But what truly is the meaning of grace? This Sunday, we will explore our God of grace and see how His grace gives us all we need for life and salvation. 

The Heart of God – Faithfulness

Great is Thy faithfulness. Do you remember singing this as a child? I sure do. God’s faithfulness is one of his characteristics that is often underappreciated in many believers’ lives. After one has walked with God for some time though, it becomes one of the most appreciated traits of God.  This Sunday we will once again look at the Heart of God and see how His faithfulness flows from His unchanging character. 

The Heart of God – Compassion

A.W. Tozer said, “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.” Why? Why would our thoughts of God be the most important thing about us? I believe it is because our view of God shapes our entire view of ourselves, others, and our world.  God has many characteristics that help us understand Him. It is vital to every believer in Christ to understand who God is so that we can enjoy…

Because He Lives

Easter 2023 Jesus is Alive! No other truth in the world impacts us like this one. The resurrection of Jesus Christ changed the world and it continues to change lives every day. This Easter, we will learn how the resurrection of Jesus Christ changes how everyone does, or will see Jesus throughout eternity. 

Sinners Like Us

1 Timothy 1:15-16 As we begin Passion Week this week, our hearts and minds are turned to our Savior’s passion for us and the world. Oftentimes we know WHAT motivated Jesus to come to earth, LOVE, but sometimes we minimize the reason WHY He had to come; to save sinners from the consequences of our sin.  We don’t like to talk about sin in the modern church. It’s a bad word and one that will not bring the masses to…