Sermons from August 2022

Sermons from August 2022

Admirable Aliens

1 Peter 2:13-17 God’s plan to bring the Gospel to the world is to use His redeemed people to spread the message of Jesus Christ. Because this message is so important, it is imperative that God’s messengers not only share the message, but also do nothing to hinder the message from being received. Not only is the message important, but so is the way in which God’s people represent Him as His messengers. This Sunday we will learn how believers…

A Matter of Life & Death

1 Peter 2:11-12 Does it really matter how I live my life as a believer in Jesus Christ? After all, who really notices how I live anyway? What real impact does the way I live have on me, those closest to me, or a watching world? Well, if you ask Peter, how we choose to live out our time on earth as citizens of Heaven and aliens on this earth, is a matter of life and death! It not only…

The Rock

1 Peter 2:4-10 Who is your rock in life? A spouse? A parent? Maybe a friend? Jesus Christ is said to be the Rock. He is the only one who we can truly depend on, not only for our salvation, but for our time on earth. This Sunday, we will discover how Jesus is the Rock and how He wants us to trust in His unfailing, steadfast love for life and eternity.

Playpen or Paradise?

1 Peter 2:1-3 Babies are cute. We all love babies. But, we would not think they were so cute if they remained babies their entire life. Life is about growing up and becoming the adult God designed us to be. So it is with the Christian life. We are all born-again as spiritual babies. We start out in our new birth learning to feed on the Word of God, talk to God, and walk with Him. The process of growing…