Sermons from December 2022

Sermons from December 2022

The Love Of God At Christmas

Luke 2:8-14  What am opportunity we have this Sunday to worship our Messiah on the day we celebrate His birth! Join us Christmas morning as we discover what the angels announced that first Christmas morning, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill towards men.”

Jesus: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Isaiah 9:6 I imagine that many of us will sit around the Christmas tree this year and open gifts from our family and friends. Oftentimes, the gifts we give and receive only bring joy and excitement for a time. Actually, some gifts may even be returned because we see no real value in them. Not so with Jesus, God’s gift to the world! When a person receives Jesus as a gift from God, they not only receive eternal life in Heaven, but they…

Gifts To Give Jesus At Christmas

Revelation 4:11 Every Christmas season people all over the country give gifts to their friends and loved ones. So much research, planning, time and money go into getting the perfect gift for those we love. But, isn’t Christmas Jesus’ birthday? Should we not consider what gifts Jesus might love to receive from us on His birthday? This Sunday, we will look at Revelation four and see three gifts that Jesus would love to receive from His followers.

Stand Up Or Shrink Away

1 Peter 3:18-22 What does living out our faith as a believer look like today? In what ways will people identify us as a follower of Jesus? Would anyone know we were a follower of Jesus by observing our life? Living a life of growing faith in an ever increasing hostile world is not only important but imperative. Jesus calls us as His followers to stand up and be counted and to not shrink away when hardships come. This Sunday, we…